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Funny Zone is the most Electrifying 5D Cinema Theatre Setup Manufacturers in Mussoorie. The 5D Cinema theatre setup that we offer is beyond the visual and auditory experience that the users have in 3D or any other dimensional theatre setup. Or even when compared to the traditional theatres our 5D cinema theatre setup is way more premium and immersive. The 5D cinema theatre setup that we make includes synchronized motion seats and environmental effects such as wind, mist, and scents. These sensory props make the experience of our customers way more realistic than ever and ensure that they are fully immersed in the cinematic event where every action on screen is felt in the seat.

Looking for a Breathtaking 5D Cinema Theatre Setup Suppliers in Uttarakhand? The seating in our 5D Cinema theatre setup is not just about shaking or moving back and forth. Well we have engineered each seat to replicate the specific motions that align with the on-screen movie that is being plated and that is why we believe this adds up to a real-life experience for our customers, be it the gentle sway of a boat or the abrupt jolt of a car chase, it enhances the realism of the cinematic experience as well.

Get the most advance 5D Cinema Theatre Setup in India. The visual and auditory parts that we have used in our 5D Cinema Setup are of premium quality and are all authentic. We use the best of the projectors and surround sound systems to ensure crisp images and precise, directional audio.

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